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The Alder

Bjarne Flamey

prijs: € 20.00

243 pagina's, Paperback

ISBN: 9789464809930

Over het boek

Desperate for connection and plagued by a sense of isolation, Barry finds solace in the voice of Asmodeus, unaware of the ancient entity's true intentions. Seduced by promises of belonging, he unwittingly falls into the clutches of a malevolent force beyond comprehension. Deception shrouds the chilling dance between Barry and Asmodeus as trust is gained, sanity is tested, and the veil between realms begins to unravel. As Barry becomes a vessel for the insidious entity, his friends and loved ones teeter on the brink of destruction. Inspired by the unsettling tales of H.P. Lovecraft, this grotesque horror novel delves deep into the realms of cosmic terror. With vivid descriptions that will haunt your dreams and an atmosphere dripping with grotesque imagery, it will immerse you in a world where sanity teeters on the edge and humanity's fragile grasp on reality unravels. Prepare to be gripped by the dark and relentless narrative as Asmodeus, the fallen king, tightens his grip on both the physical and ethereal realms. Can Barry reclaim his humanity and save those he holds dear, or will he succumb to the insidious designs of an ancient and vengeful being?
TitelThe Alder
Auteur(s)Bjarne Flamey
Afmetingen210x148x22 mm
Aantal pagina's243
UitgeverBrave New Books
TaalNederlands; Vlaams
LevertijdNiet meer leverbaar
Prijs€ 20.00
Gewicht359 gram
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