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First Murder

Kees Van der Wal

prijs: € 27.95

215 pagina's, Hardback

ISBN: 9789464180282

Over het boek

The first of a series of books about Special Detective Chau, a beautiful Vietnamese girl of 15 years old. Chau is the daughter of a Vietnamese woman and her Dutch husband. The family moved from Vietnam to England and live in the small country village Highfields. Chau is a dazzling and intelligent girl with special hobbies. It brings her to be of great help to the local police force when a murder takes place in the village. The complex murder case of the local music teacher brings several suspects throughout the story and Chau's help and smart observations, and her special talents become essential to find the actual killer. The leading detective, Detective Chief Inspector Sam Archer, becomes Chau's biggest admirer and the solving of this case will cause a long-term partnership to solve crimes. Special characters in the book, like Chau's dog and DCI Sam Archer, bring laughter and admiration. Special moments in the book, and the special actions of Chau, make this a book which, when finished reading, the wish for the next adventure of Special Detective Chau, will make the reader's impatience grow until that next adventure arrived.
TitelFirst Murder
Auteur(s)Kees Van der Wal
OndertitelA Special Detective Chau Novel
Afmetingen241x161x28 mm
Aantal pagina's215
UitgeverBrave New Books
Prijs€ 27.95
Gewicht489 gram
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