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Piet Hein Wokke

prijs: € 15.00

448 pagina's, Hardback

ISBN: 9789082619003

Over het boek

One God, One King, and the story of two young boys.
Once they cross paths, the future of Beledar is changed forever.

In the city of Mayasin, a young boy named Abdullah struggles to adhere to the rules of Islam. To find a way out of poverty, he is forced to make a decision that challenges all his beliefs... Years later, he finds himself at the Royal Court. Here, yet again, Abdullah must make a choice: Follow his faith, or stand by the King?

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away, 9-year-old Khalid has to face the brutal laws of the desert to restore his family's honour. Witnessing a horrifying death, Khalid decides he will join King Jalal's army to make sure that he will never have to face such an injustice ever again. Unfortunately, politics, as Khalid will learn, is not just simply about right or wrong...

In this thrilling novel, Piet Hein Wokke expertly and poignantly shows the roots of modern conflicts in the Middle East. Set in the kingdom of Beledar, where a young king wants to break through nepotism and corruption, the stories of Abdullah and Khalid show us how in a conservative, Islamic country, change doesn't come easy.
Auteur(s)Piet Hein Wokke, Piet Hein Wokke
Afmetingen241x165x40 mm
Aantal pagina's448
UitgeverXowox Publishing B.V.
LevertijdNiet meer leverbaar
Prijs€ 15.00
Gewicht719 gram
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