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Checkout Time

Bukowski, John

prijs: € 31.95

324 pagina's, Hardback

ISBN: 9781955088602

Over het boek

Handsome scientist Thomas Tomacinski's easy-going style has the ladies talking, but beautiful FBI agent Sally Butterworth doesn't want to join the conversation. Not until they both land in the same hotel, where an extortion bomber mysteriously known as Conrad Hilton sparks their romance with a bang. Conrad is looking to make a killing from a consortium of hotel owners - and is not above killing to make a point. It won't be easy stopping Conrad, a genius with a method actor's ability to assume new identities and personalities. When this chameleon takes a special interest in Tom and those he cares about, nobody gets much sleep. Tom-tom and Sally Pancakes, as they are affectionately known, are led on a merry chase through the scenic backroads of Kentucky and Tennessee with more plot twists than a country lane. They fall in and out of danger while falling in and out of bed, learning tough lessons about love, loss, and themselves. John Bukowski, author of Project Suicide, has penned another wild ride. The thrills and bombs keep coming hard and heavy right up to the action-packed conclusion. So, grab a fire extinguisher, head to your safe room, and ride along while Tom and Sally hunt down Conrad, and vice versa.
TitelCheckout Time
Auteur(s) Bukowski, John
Aantal pagina's324
UitgeverPathBinder Publishing LLC
Levertijd5-7 werkdagen
Prijs€ 31.95
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