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Russian Fingers

Turner Taylor, Margaret

prijs: € 39.95

354 pagina's, Hardback

ISBN: 9781953082213

Over het boek

Talented and brilliant Peter Gregory was raised in a special Soviet training camp to become a sleeper spy in the United States. Indoctrinated as a very young child to betray his adopted country, he was educated at Berkeley so he could pass atomic secrets to the USSR. Peter surprises himself when he realizes he wants to live in the USA and embrace the freedom he's discovered in the home of the brave. After the dissolution of the Soviet Empire, he hides for a decade hoping to elude the ruthless Russian hierarchy that never forgets. To avoid being found, he assumes a string of different identities until he finally feels safe. He even falls in love with a beautiful redhead. Neo-Soviet Putin sends Sergei, a Russian Orthodox priest, a person from Peter's past, to hunt him down and bring him back to work for Russia's former KGB thugs. Follow Peter Gregory's convoluted odyssey as he attempts to escape from his Soviet masters. Murder and mayhem complicate the plans. Readers will be caught up in the intrigue as Peter and Sergei work to outsmart and outrun their Russian handlers. Freedom is inevitably and ultimately seductive. Will Peter be able to escape the Russians who think they own him? Will he be able to spend his life enjoying the freedom he so passionately desires?
TitelRussian Fingers
Auteur(s) Turner Taylor, Margaret
Aantal pagina's354
Prijs€ 39.95
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