Levertijd: 2-3 werkdagen

Among the Living

Lebbon, Tim

prijs: € 17.95

304 pagina's, Paperback

ISBN: 9781803365947

Over het boek

From the New York Times bestseller and author of Netflix’s The Silence comes a terrifying horror novel set in a melting Arctic landscape. Something deadly has lain dormant for thousands of years, but now the permafrost is giving up its secrets… Estranged friends Dean and Bethan meet after five years apart when they are drawn to a network of caves on a remote Arctic island. Bethan and her friends are environmental activists, determined to protect the land. But Dean’s group's exploitation of rare earth minerals deep in the caves unleashes an horrific contagion that has rested frozen and undisturbed for many millennia. Fleeing the terrors emerging from the caves, Dean and Bethan and their rival teams undertake a perilous journey on foot across an unpredictable and volatile landscape. The ex-friends must learn to work together again if they’re to survive... and more importantly, stop the horror from spreading to the wider world. A propulsive horror thriller––fast-moving, frightening, and shockingly relevant?this adventure will grip you until the final terrifying page.
TitelAmong the Living
Auteur(s) Lebbon, Tim
Afmetingen198x130x20 mm
Aantal pagina's304
UitgeverTitan Books
Levertijd2-3 werkdagen
Prijs€ 17.95
Gewicht223 gram
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