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Turn a blind eye

jeffrey archer

prijs: € 27.95

352 pagina's, Hardback

ISBN: 9781509851362

Over het boek

Turn a Blind Eye is the third instalment in the gripping story of Detective Inspector William Warwick, by the master storyteller and Sunday Times number one bestselling author of the Clifton Chronicles. William Warwick, now a Detective Inspector, is tasked with a dangerous new line of work, to go undercover and expose crime of another kind: corruption at the heart of the Metropolitan Police Force. His team is focused on following Detective Jerry Summers, a young officer whose lifestyle appears to exceed his income. But as a personal relationship develops with a member of William’s team, it threatens to compromise the whole investigation. Meanwhile, a notorious drug baron goes on trial, with the prosecution case led by William’s father and sister. And William’s wife Beth, now a mother to twins, renews an old acquaintance who appears to have turned over a new leaf, or has she? As the undercover officers start to draw the threads together, William realizes that the corruption may go deeper still, and more of his colleagues than he first thought might be willing to turn a blind eye.
TitelTurn a blind eye
Auteur(s)jeffrey archer
Afmetingen241x162x33 mm
Aantal pagina's352
UitgeverPan Macmillan
Levertijd2-3 werkdagen
Prijs€ 27.95
Gewicht561 gram
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