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Tom Clancy Zero Hour

Bentley, Don

prijs: € 16.95

496 pagina's, Paperback

ISBN: 9781408727713

Over het boek

Jack Ryan, Jr. is the one man who can prevent a second Korean War in the latest thrilling entry in the no.1 New York Times bestselling series. When the leader of North Korea is catastrophically injured, his incapacitation inadvertently triggers a "dead-man's switch," activating an army of sleeper agents in South Korea and precipitating a struggle for succession. Jack Ryan, Jr. is in Seoul to interview a potential addition to the Campus. But his benign trip takes a deadly turn when a wave of violence perpetrated by North Korean operatives grips South Korea's capital. A mysterious voice from North Korea offers Jack a way to stop the peninsula's rush to war, but her price may be more than he can afford to pay.
TitelTom Clancy Zero Hour
Auteur(s) Bentley, Don
Afmetingen198x127x31 mm
Aantal pagina's496
Levertijd2-3 werkdagen
Prijs€ 16.95
Gewicht341 gram
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