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Tom Clancy's Enemy Contact

Mike Maden

prijs: € 11.95

400 pagina's, Paperback

ISBN: 9781405942379

Over het boek

Jack Ryan, Jr.'s race to stop an international criminal conspiracy is intertwined with the fate of an old friend in this blistering entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling series. The CIA's deepest secrets are being given away for a larger agenda that will undermine the entire Western intelligence community. Director of National Intelligence Mary Pat Foley wants it stopped but doesn't know who, how or why. Jack Ryan, Jr., is dispatched to Poland on a different mission. The clues are thin, and the sketchy trail dead ends in a harrowing fight from which he barely escapes with his life. If that's not bad enough, Jack gets more tragic news. An old friend, who's dying from cancer, has one final request for Jack. It seems simple enough, but before it's done, Jack will find himself alone, his life hanging by a thread. If he survives, he'll be one step closer to finding the shadowy figure behind the CIA leak and its true purpose, but in the process, he'll challenge the world's most dangerous criminal syndicate with devastating consequences.
TitelTom Clancy's Enemy Contact
Auteur(s) Mike Maden
Afmetingen183x113x35 mm
Aantal pagina's400
UitgeverPenguin Books Ltd (UK)
Levertijd2-3 werkdagen
Prijs€ 11.95
Gewicht289 gram
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