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John Grisham

prijs: € 37.95

320 pagina's, Hardback

ISBN: 9781399738590

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A fundamental principle of the American legal system is a presumption of innocence, but once someone has been found guilty there is very little room to prove doubt. Framed shares ten true stories of men who were innocent but found guilty and forced to sacrifice friends, families, wives, and decades of their lives to prison while the guilty parties remained free. In each of the stories, John Grisham and Jim McCloskey recount the dramatic hard-fought battles for exoneration. They take a close look at what leads to wrongful convictions in the first place, and the racism, misconduct, flawed testimony, and the corrupt court system that can make them so hard to reverse. Told with page-turning suspense as only John Grisham can deliver, Framed is the story of overcoming adversity when the battle already seems lost, and the deck is stacked against you.
Auteur(s)John Grisham, Jim McCloskey
Ondertitelastonishing True Stories of Wrongful Convictions
Aantal pagina's320
UitgeverHodder & Stoughton
LevertijdNog niet verschenen, verschijnt op dinsdag 8 oktober 2024
Prijs€ 37.95
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