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The Bad Daughter

Fielding, Joy

prijs: € 29.95

368 pagina's, Hardback

ISBN: 9780399181528

Over het boek

"A hostile relationship with her sister and a complicated past with her father's second wife have kept Robin estranged from her family for many years. But when her father's new family is attacked in their house, with her father, his wife, and young daughter in critical condition in the hospital, she returns home to await their fate and hopefully mend fences. It looks like a random robbery gone awry, but as Robin spends more time with her family members, she learns they all had their secrets -- and one ofthose secrets may have put them all in horrible danger"-
TitelThe Bad Daughter
Auteur(s) Fielding, Joy
Afmetingen235x156x23 mm
Aantal pagina's368
UitgeverBallantine Books
LevertijdIn herdruk, verwacht op vrijdag 12 juni 2020
Prijs€ 29.95
Gewicht544 gram
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