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The Key In The Lock

Underdown, Beth

prijs: € 25.95

288 pagina's, Hardback

ISBN: 9780241503300

Over het boek

THE PAGE-TURNING NEW NOVEL FROM THE AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR OF THE WITCHFINDER'S SISTER 'A gifted storyteller' Sarah Perry, author of The Essex Serpent 'The Key in the Lock is an absolute triumph! Dark, clever and utterly enthralling, this is historical fiction - and storytelling - at its absolute best' Elizabeth Macneal, author of Circus of Wonders 'The Key in the Lock is the perfect gothic novel. It has secrets, guilt, brilliant characters, and a grand old house built on a terrible past. An absolute corker' Stuart Turton, author of The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle __________________________________ I still dream, every night, of Polneath on fire. Smoke unravelling from an upper window, and the terrace bathed in a hectic orange light . . . Now I see that the decision I made at Polneath was the only decision of my life. Everything marred in that one dark minute. By day, Ivy Boscawen mourns the loss of her son Tim in the Great War. But by night she mourns another boy - one whose death decades ago haunts her still. For Ivy is sure that there is more to what happened all those years ago: the fire at the Great House, and the terrible events that came after. A truth she must uncover, if she is ever to be free. But once you open a door to the past, can you ever truly close it again? From the award-winning author of The Witchfinder's Sister comes a captivating story of burning secrets and buried shame, and of the loyalty and love that rises from the ashes.
TitelThe Key In The Lock
Auteur(s) Underdown, Beth
Afmetingen241x163x29 mm
Aantal pagina's288
UitgeverViking UK
Levertijd2-3 werkdagen
Prijs€ 25.95
Gewicht494 gram
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