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Untitled Legal Thriller 8

Grisham, John

prijs: € 24.95

368 pagina's, Hardback

ISBN: 9781473684430

Over het boek

He was framed for murder. Now he needs someone on the outside to save him. For 22 years Quincy Miller has sat on Death Row without friends, family or legal representation. He was accused of killing a Keith Russo, a lawyer in a small Florida town. But there were no witnesses and no motive. Just the fact that Quincy was black in an all-white town and that a blood-splattered torch was found in the boot of his car. A torch he swore was planted. A torch that conveniently disappeared from evidence just before his trial. It made no difference. The police photographs of the torch were enough. In the eyes of the law Quincy is guilty and, no matter how often he protests his innocence, his punishment will be death. Finally, after 22 years, an innocence lawyer and minister, Cullen Post, takes on his case. Post has exonerated eight men in the last ten years. He intends Quincy will become number nine. But there were powerful and ruthless people behind Russo's murder. They prefer that an innocent man goes to his death than one of them. They killed one lawyer 22 years ago, and they'll kill another one without a second thought.

The explosive new thriller for international bestseller John Grisham - more information coming soon.

TitelUntitled Legal Thriller 8
Auteur(s) Grisham, John
Aantal pagina's368
UitgeverHodder & Stoughton
LevertijdNog niet verschenen
Prijs€ 24.95
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