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Lies Sleeping

Aaronovitch, Ben

prijs: € 12.95

320 pagina's, Hardback

ISBN: 9781409186991

Over het boek

The seventh PC Grant mystery is here, continuing bestselling series of London adventures. That's the way to do it. A fabulous new adventure, London under threat, and the scent of magic in the air . . . it must be a new Rivers of London mystery . . . Martin Chorley, aka the Faceless Man, wanted for multiple counts of murder, fraud and crimes against humanity, has been unmasked and is on the run. Peter Grant, Detective Constable and apprentice wizard, now plays a key role in an unprecedented joint operation to bring Chorley to justice. But even as the unwieldy might of the Metropolitan Police bears down on its foe, Peter uncovers clues that Chorley, far from being finished, is executing the final stages of a long term plan. A plan that has its roots in London's two thousand bloody years of history, and could literally bring the city to its knees. To save his beloved city Peter's going to need help from his former best friend and colleague - Lesley May - who brutally betrayed him and everything he thought she believed in. And, far worse, he might even have to come to terms with the malevolent supernatural killer and agent of chaos known as Mr Punch . . .
TitelLies Sleeping
Auteur(s) Aaronovitch, Ben
OndertitelThe Seventh Rivers of London novel
Afmetingen178x111x26 mm
Aantal pagina's320
LevertijdNog niet verschenen
Prijs€ 12.95
Gewicht274 gram
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